Actions before bidding or tendering

There are a number of actions you should consider before bidding or tendering for a contract.

1. Identifying a contract

Finding the right contracts for your business is critical for the future success of the contracts themselves and your business.

Knowing where to find the right contracts is therefore crucial.

There are many different ways to find contracts and identifying these should be one of your most important actions before bidding or tendering. This will ensure that you are aware of the different contracts available and that you direct your time and resources to the most appropriate ones for your company.

Tenders are advertised in a variety of places, usually dependent on the size of the contract and the sector that your business or organisation works in.

We can therefore work with you to help identify where to look for relevant tenders and contracts.

2. If a tender is about to be advertised - what can you do to prepare?

Other actions before bidding or tendering should include considering whether your organisation is ready to tender and whether it would have a good chance of success.

Completing a tender takes time and costs money - it is therefore important to carry out a pre-bid check to decide whether to go ahead with your bidding.

Is your business ready to bid or tender?

Asking yourself whether your business is ready to bid or tender can help prevent spending money before you are ready.  Actions that you take now can save you money during the bid process itself and during the performance of the contracts you win.

Questions to consider include:

  • Is your business able to manage the contract if you win it?  Do you have the right staff in place?  Do you have the right equipment to provide the goods or services?  Will you need to put new processes in place?
  • Do you have the staff and resources available to carry out completion of the bid?  Some bids and tenders require a lot of time and input.  Use of an organisation like Heku to help project manage and complete the tender can help when you are very busy.
  • What skills and experience does your business have for the completion of tenders?  Many tenders ask for detailed 'quality' information describing how you will carry out the contract and your experience.  The way that this is written can make or break your tender submission.

How to improve your chances of success

Early identification of contracts that will best fit your business or strategy will enable you to prepare.  For example, some customers or industries will require certain qualifications that may take time to obtain.  These may include quality standards such as ISO 9001.  If your business does not hold these, then carrying out these actions before bidding or tendering will enable you to put relevant qualifications or standards in place.

Research into your competitors is vital.  Understanding the trends within your marketplace will help you develop a tender that is relevant and up-to-date for your customers.  As a minimum you will generally need to match what your competitors are offering.

Help with a pre-bid check

If you would like help carrying out a pre-bid check to identify the stage that your organisation is at, then Heku can assist.

We can work with you to identify what stage your organisation is at in the bidding process.  We will help identify what policies and procedures you may need and work that you may need to do to put these in place if necessary.

In addition, we will also check what your organisation may need to undertake the tender and the final contract work.