Heku provides friendly and professional support for companies and organisations with their tenders and projects.  We have successfully supported our clients to win nearly £500 million of contracts across a variety of sectors.

Our approach

Our priority is to quickly understand what makes your business unique and identify what your key selling points are.  Most importantly we will find out what your customers need.

We will then work with you to prepare a bid that accurately reflects your organisation and meets and exceeds your customer's expectations, laying the foundation for a successful working relationship with them in the future.

Our focus is on ensuring that tenders are thorough and meet the buyer's requirements.  Success in this area has enabled clients to win against strong competition, including lower priced bids.

Heku's bid writers present technical information or complex ideas in a clear and logical manner so that important technical and engineering information can be clearly understood by non-technical and technical readers alike.

Project management of tender submissions includes coordinating input from different teams and ensuring that the tender specifications have been met.  We will collaborate with your in-house specialists and any external advisers to bring together financial, legal, engineering, health and safety, human resources and other input and ensure that it is effectively presented in your tender response.

Why use Heku?

We provide support to organisations that are too busy or do not have the internal resources to manage their tender submissions.  Companies use us for their 'must-win' contracts or particularly large bids.

Our success in developing tenders has improved win rates substantially for our clients.  Feedback from evaluators has included words such as, 'best tender that the Council has ever seen', 'consistently high standard response in respect of the Quality Method Statements', 'most thorough tender'.

A lot of our work aims to improve the way in which our clients present their businesses to others.  We frequently identify new market requirements that they may need to meet  to be successful.  Once an approach has been developed, it has to be consistently applied across all of an organisation's tender responses.  To achieve this, we focus on supporting your staff, helping them to develop the approach and their own thinking so that they continue to produce professional tender responses that will win.  We will work with you to develop project management principles that can be used for future tenders.

Future market developments

Identifying developments in the marketplace will keep your tenders relevant.  We help to identify gaps in your service provision so that you can improve your offering, ensuring that your services and products continue to be relevant to your customers.  This will help increase your chances of success.

Where we work

Heku provides bid and tendering support across the UK.  We also provide support to companies that may be exporting.

Who to contact for support

To find out more, please speak to Claire Artley, Development Director, on 01262 606516 or via email, claire@heku.co.uk.