Pre-Qualification Questionnaire

The Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) is used as a way of checking that companies hold the appropriate experience and qualifications to carry out the work required by the organisation issuing the tender.

Not all tenders will use a PQQ, however, if they do - you will need to pass the PQQ to be formally invited to tender.  Often only six to eight companies are shortlisted to progress through to the tender stage, therefore your PQQ must stand out from the competition.

We support our clients by:

  • Working closely with our clients to identify their strengths and ensure that these come across clearly
  • Reviewing previous PQQ submissions and identifying areas that could be improved
  • Project managing the PQQ submission in its entirety or reviewing and writing specific sections

Heku is based in Yorkshire and we support clients across the UK and overseas.  If you would like help with your PQQ submission, please get in touch.