Starting the contract

You have won the contract.  Winning is obviously a huge milestone but only the start.  It's now time to start the contract...

Contract start-up

Suitable preparation during the tendering process will include addressing how the initial contract start-up arrangements will take place, when you should provide reports on your progress and how your organisation will meet these.

Performance management mechanisms

Some contracts have performance management mechanisms in place, where failure to meet the levels of service and performance required will result in fines and potentially loss of the Contract.  Ensuring that there are systems in place to suitably track performance, report it and then respond appropriately are therefore essential and need to be put in place immediately.  Training of staff to ensure that they are aware of the requirements of the individual contracts is also key.

Mobilisation / transition support from Heku

Heku can  provide you with support during the early days.  We can help with getting your Contract up and running if required.