Claire Artley

I provide friendly, professional and successful support for companies and organisations with their tenders and projects.  To date, my company has helped win over £100 million of contracts for our clients, significantly improving tender evaluation scores and enabling them to win projects against strong competition.

I am an experienced project manager, with over 14 years developing tenders for organisations in sectors including waste, renewable energy and children’s services.

My priority is to quickly get to grips with the individual characteristics of each organisation that I work with, understand their unique selling points and, most importantly, what their clients need.

I then work with the organisation to prepare a bid that reflects them accurately, meets and exceeds the client’s expectations and provides a foundation for a successful working relationship with their future client.  I generally work on contracts that are medium to long-term in nature and therefore some of the contract relationships will be in place for up to 35 years.

A key part of my focus is developing teams and establishing project management principles that can be used for future tenders.  I support the staff within an organisation, helping develop their approach and thinking to enable them to put together professional tenders that will win.

In addition, I help in identifying developments in the marketplace and what an organisation will have to do to ensure that its services and products continue to be relevant to its clients.

I manage financial, legal, engineering, health and safety, human resources and other aspects of an organisation that need to be reflected in a tender.  In addition, I provide tender writing support – presenting technical information or complex ideas in a clear and logical way which retains the important technical and engineering information, whilst making the tender response understandable for non-technical readers.