Heku has helped clients to win contracts ranging from anything up to 25 years plus.  Many of our clients do not have the time or resources available to prepare the level of detail required for successful tenders.  We therefore provide an extra pair of hands when needed to ensure that your bid fully reflects your business and meets and exceeds the requirements of each tender.

Key stages in a tender process

The following links provide information on each of the key stages in a tender:

Actions before bidding or tendering

There are a number of areas to consider before you start bidding for a contract.  We provide further information here.

The Tendering Process

What happens once you have decided to tender for a contract?  Find out here.

Feedback and Evaluation

Review and evaluate the tenders that you have submitted and make improvements for the next one.  See our feedback and evaluation page for further information.

Starting the contract

Winning the contract is just the start.  Advance preparation will help your contract run smoothly and help prevent problems.

Get support for your tender

If you would like further information or support with a tender, please contact Claire Artley, Development Director.  Telephone 01262 606516, email claire@heku.co.uk.  Alternatively visit our contact page.